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Business Services General

Cole, Loney & Cox, PLLC is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky and is committed to providing sound, principled legal advice and counsel to businesses. Offering our clients the attention to detail that their business both requires and demands, we provide an alternative to large commercial law firms.  

Businesses face a variety of legal issues, and choosing the right law firm to represent your business is an important part of ensuring that its best interests are protected.  

From organization to dissolution, the success of every business depends on sound legal counsel to advance and protect the best interests of the business. Small business owners all over the Commonwealth, like small business owners all over the world, know the challenges of running a business operation in today’s global market. Choosing the right law firm to handle your business needs can help keep you focused on those challenges and allow you to grow your business. Our attorneys understand the needs of businesses and will work to provide you with sound advice and practical solutions for all of your legal issues.  

Too often, legal issues get in the way of small business owners trying to grow their business. When you hire us to represent your business, our attorneys work efficiently and effectively to solve the legal issues your business is facing. Our efforts are concentrated and tailored to ensure the best possible solution in the most economical manner. From forming your business entity, to reviewing and negotiating contracts, to handling commercial litigation and real estate matters, our attorneys can help to keep legal issues from getting in the way of you running your business.  

Whether you need consistent legal advice on a routine basis or occasional counsel with regard to specific matters, we can provide your business with big firm services at small firm prices.

Business Formation

Whether your dream is to start a new business or buy an existing business, we can help you make your dream a reality. Our attorneys use their knowledge to help you get your business off the ground. We can help you decide which type of business is best for you. Our knowledge of Kentucky law allows us to assist you in deciding which option will best serve your business needs. We will file all of the necessary documents with the proper state agencies, assist you in completing all of the proper licensing forms, and review legal documents to provide you the advice you need to get your business started.  

By choosing the right business structure for your business, you can minimize risk and tax liability, while maximizing your profits. Once you’ve decided on the type of business entity that is right for your business, our attorneys will prepare the Articles of Organization, Articles of Incorporation, Operating Agreement, Partnership Agreement, or any other necessary documents. And, most important, we can provide you with the contracts and other legal forms that you may need to get your business off the ground.

General Counsel

Our involvement does not end when your business begins. Our attorneys have the knowledge and capability to provide you with the general legal counsel that you will require as your business grows. When our attorneys are finished “building” the structure of your business, we immediately seek to build on our relationship with you. As your company grows, we want you to know that you can depend on us for all of your future business needs.  

Legal documents can be intimidating and overwhelming. By relying on the consistent advice of our attorneys, you will not enter into any transaction without fully understanding its terms. Whether you need to lease equipment, negotiate a contract, or lease or purchase new office space, our attorneys will explain the legalese and work to provide you with the sound legal advice necessary to ensure that the interests of your business are always protected. Because we handle both transactional matters and litigation, we provide practical advice that not only protects the best interests of the business in a proposed deal but also minimizes the risk of future litigation.

Human Resources

Businesses frequently face human resource issues that require prompt legal advice. By relying on the advice of the attorneys at Cole, Loney & Cox, PLLC, your business can strengthen its relationship with employees and associates and minimize the risk of unnecessary and costly litigation. Whether sexual harassment, disciplinary and discharge issues, drug testing, unemployment compensation or more, our attorneys will provide your business with effective legal guidance.


We understand the enormous impact that commercial litigation can have on a small business. That is why our attorneys will work hard to minimize the effects of litigation on your business, while allowing you to stay concentrated on running your business. Commercial litigation can be costly. By hiring us to represent your business, you can be sure that we will work aggressively to get you the best result, whether through settlement negotiations or court action. Our attorneys have the experience and knowledge to both protect your rights in court and to advise you when settlement will save you time and money.  

Business owners are all too familiar with the many kinds of business disputes that can end up in a court of law. From breach of contract to partnership disputes, our office will provide you with the aggressive representation necessary to resolve your legal issue. By hiring our attorneys, people will know that when it comes to protecting your rights you mean business. Our attorneys will relieve you of the responsibilities attendant to litigation and will ensure that no deadline passes without notice. When you hire us, you can be sure that we are working efficiently and effectively to resolve disputes and litigation in order to prevent lasting impact on your small business.